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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) becomes the core development tool for rapid social and economical development of a country at this time and Internet connectivity is the backbone of the ICT at the moment. Unfortunately, the developing countries like Bangladesh do not have such infrastructure yet. And this situation is worst in rural areas. Thus, it makes the urgent social services i.e., information, health, education, etc., unreachable to the people in the rural area.

“Social Services on Wheels” is a joint-research by Kyushu University and GCC, supported by Toyota of Japan. It aims to reach the unreached people in the remote areas by a car equipped with social services. The car will stay in a village for 3 days and then move to next village. We also call it a Nomadic Village Communication Center (NVCC).

In January-February, 2012, an SSW will visit 5-10 locations to provide social services as a part of Research and Development (R&D) work and study the requirements of the rural areas. The result will lead to design a sustainable NVCC for the unreached community.


In order to implement the project, we are partnering with the following organizations:

Research Partners

  • Kyushu University (Social Information Collection Mechanism)
  • University of EC, Japan (Offline Web System Support)
  • SQUARE HOSPITAL (TBD: Healthcare Activities Support)
  • East West University (Technology Support)

Connectivity Partner

  • Square Informatix (Satellite based Internet Connectivity)

Media Partner

  • Newspapers / TV Channels (TBD)

Village Partner

  • A team of villagers represented by the UIE (Union Information Entrepreneur)

Social Services: Healthcare, Education and ICT awareness

In 10 weeks, we want to-

10,000 villagers
10 villages
2,000 students

10 village websites
Network of 3000 contacts

Quiz on Healthcare, Environment, business
Cooking, cleaning program

600 eye patients
100 pregnant women
1,000 health check up

200 ICT students
100 entrepreneurs
100 mid-wives

300 villagers living abroad

This will create awareness of ICT based social services in the unreached community and identify business opportunities.

GramUtshob: Village in a Festive Mood

This project aims to bring a festive mood to the villages with various social and cultural programs where it will go with its services. Besides offering the social services everyday as stated above, the activities considered to be arranged in this village festival are:

  • Grand opening ceremony
  • Daily Quiz Competition on specific topic (i.e., village information, agriculture, health, etc.)
  • Sports competition
  • Village talent show (cultural program performed by the village talents)

Healthcare as an example

One of the important services to be provided through this project is healthcare services for the villagers. This project will bring the health service using e-Health system to the doorsteps of the villagers who cannot afford to get quality health service only available in the cities.

A medical team equipped with general diagnostic devices will accompany the Nomadic Kiosk. This healthcare service team will provide the health services to the villagers. The team will be consisted of,

  • 1 Health Office (Doctor)
  • 2 Health Assistant (Brother/Paramedics)
  • 1 Gynecologist (Female Doctor)
  • 1 Health Assistant (Sister/Paramedics)

Besides, a panel of specialist doctors will be available through Internet in Dhaka with telemedicine activities’ facilities, during the healthcare service activities, to be contacted whenever a specialist doctor’s consultation will be required.

One of the partners, SQUARE HOSPITAL contributes by providing

  • 5-members healthcare service team with necessary facilities for travelling with the Nomadic Kiosk
  • A panel of specialist doctors stationed at SQUARE HOSPITAL equipped with telemedicine facilitiesBesides, SQUARE HOSPITAL can contribute with necessary medicines that can be distributed to the needy villagers who attend for the healthcare services.We believe your participation would be very important for this project and highly contribute in the social development of the country. Also, this could be a great CSR activity of your reputed hospital and create a good opportunity for the promotion of this institution in the root level of the country.

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